The Variety of Qiraat in Qur’an Manuscripts of Nusantara

Study on The Qur’an Manuscripts of The Sultan of Ternate

  • Mustopa Mustopa


The majority of the Muslims in Indonesia almost know only one style of qiraat (the Art of reciting the Quran) namely Nafi ‘an ‘Asim qiraat. This writing wants to explain that, historically, the Nusantara Ulama in the past had written and introduced other sytle of qiraat to some ancient Nusantara Mushafs. One of the Mushaf is the Mushaf of the Sultan of Ternate. This Mushaf uses qiraat namely QÄlÅ«n ‘an NÄfi. This identification is explained by making the comparison of some words which become spot of difference between the qiraat of Hafs ‘an ‘Asim and that of QÄlÅ«n ‘an NÄfi‘. Although there are some lacks of the writings, however, in general, it can be said that the of the Mushaf of Sultan of Ternate uses the qiraat of QÄlÅ«n ‘an NÄfi‘.

Keyword: Qiraat, Quran manuscript, Hafs ‘an ‘Asim, QÄlÅ«n ‘an NÄfi‘, The Sultan of Ternate


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